Fenavin - Feria Nacional del Vino

10-12 de mayo de 2022

Ciudad Real

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This is the new LAURONA: the renewed dream that once had René Barbier and the redoubled love for terroir and outstanding wines but the same essence of the purest Montsant.

Sommeliers’ experience

An understanding of old vintages

A provocation for the greatest sommeliers’ memories and palates.
´cause old wines are always new.



Some wines have the gift of inspiring new paths to the best chefs in the world. Our wines are likewise a threshold that makes way into our terroir and its herbal and mineral diversity. A splendid occasion to feel, to discover and to create.

The perfect match
Wine-pairing as a fine art


Specialized Shops

The only place on earth

Exclusive collections for professionals and wine lovers

We talk about wines that make your shop grow. There are some wines you can just find in very few places and only those who look for the best can experience the real sense of exclusivity.



When you look for the pioneer, when you look for the steps of René Barbier, when you look for Fiona Fischer’s inspiration or simply when you look for the best Montsant among your wines, there’s no doubt.

The Montsant you’re looking for
Authenticity in your portfolio


Specialized Press

We are not making wine for specialists or critics, we are not just looking for Parker points or for reviews’ recognition, even appreciating both. Our wines aim to reach our customers’ senses but also their feelings. We want to broaden the experience of drinking wine and to transform it into a conscious act, not only through the realization of the subtlety and nuances of our flavours but also with the going deeper into their most intime significance.

An impossible copy-paste

Discovering LAURONA as a way for inspiration


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